BRAVE leadership

June 5, 2019

Do not confuse motion and progress.  A rocking horse keeps moving but does not make any progress”

Alfred Montapert

The key components of BRAVE leadership are

  • Behaviours

The key is to focus on the few things that will lead to forward progress and achievement – i.e. create an impact.  These are the things that create the greatest value for your team’s internal and external stakeholders.

  • Relationships

You cannot lead anyone without a connection of some sort.  Connecting requires communication.  Everything you do, don’t do, say and don’t say, listen to or observe is included here.  It is all communication.  Also throw in how you say it and we have some key elements of communication.  Get clear on your message.  This is the heart of leadership and a huge component of inspiring and enabling others as a first-time leader.

  • Attitude

Attitude is the pivot point between environment and values on the one side and relationships and behaviours on the other.  One level’s strategies are the next level’s objectives.  The question for you is how to grow, your strategy.  Once chosen make sure that your culture lines up with them.

  • Values

What we are calling values has two parts; your mission and vision, and your principles.  Mission is generally given to you as a first-time leader, unless its your own business.  Vision is your picture of success.  Principles are the things you will not compromise on the way to delivering the mission and achieving your vision.

  • Environment

Context matters.  Part of your team’s context is made up of the choices that the broader business has made – again unless its your own business and its just you are your team.  Your team will have been assigned a certain area and certain boundaries to work within, make sure you work within this context.  The other part of your context is made up of the rest of the world – a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.  Factors to consider here are PESTLE – political, economic, social, technical, legal and environmental.  Understanding your context within the organisation and within the wider world is a critical piece in making your decisions. fffffffffff

Stuart Hartley


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