business start-up

March 15, 2017

Business advice – an investment?

When running a business, there will always be areas in which you are lacking management know-how and experience. It’s important that you recognise your own strengths and weaknesses …

March 23, 2016

6 myths to Growth Hacking

Myth No. 1: Growth Hacking Is A Cheat Sheet Of Secrets On Growth Reality: The “secret” is the mindset, not the toolset. Growth hackers are often viewed …

June 5, 2015

The 5 Myths about Creativity in Business

The 5 Myths about Creativity in Business The smarter you are, the more creative you are: Research suggests that there is no correlation between intelligence and creativity …

June 5, 2015

Where do new ideas come from – Get inspired

Innovative new ideas have many sources. Some originate in a flash of inspiration. Others are accidental. Thomas Edison famously said that “invention is ninety nine percent perspiration and …

May 26, 2015

Route Planning your business growth – Part 2

Part two of our series on route planning your business growth focuses on the identifying the Opportunities and Threats for your business. We do this by looking …

May 26, 2015

Route planning your business growth – part 1

Running and growing a business can be comparable to travelling by car before the invention of satellite navigation systems. Route planning your journey first, knowing which roads to take …

May 22, 2015

Finding the right advisor for your business

Finding the right advisor for your business Maybe you are reading this pondering how on earth you can fill the various gaps you have in your business …

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