March 15, 2017

Business advice – an investment?

When running a business, there will always be areas in which you are lacking management know-how and experience. It’s important that you recognise your own strengths and weaknesses …

December 9, 2016

Seven steps to business model innovation

The business model innovation loop Business model innovation is the invention of new ways of doing business, with the aim to provide new and / or increased …

August 17, 2016

Project Management: 9 steps to success

Project Management: Nine Steps to a successful project   It can be done.  Project management can be a success.  You can get a project completed on time …

April 12, 2016

How to innovate – four key stages in the innovation process

We suggest that innovation is a core process concerned with renewing what the organisation offers (its products and / or its services) and the ways in which …

February 15, 2016

5 characteristics which affect innovation success

5 characteristics which affect innovation success People often ask me how can we increase our chances of our new product or service succeeding.  How can we be …

June 5, 2015

Where do new ideas come from – Get inspired

Innovative new ideas have many sources. Some originate in a flash of inspiration. Others are accidental. Thomas Edison famously said that “invention is ninety nine percent perspiration and …

May 22, 2015

Why hire a consultant?

The Decision to use a Consultant – what a consultant can do for your business As a business owner why should you seek the advice of an …

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