June 27, 2017

9 habits killing innovation in your business – and how to solve them

Some small companies are great at executing innovation.  They are speed boats who can develop and execute innovation and therefore change direction quickly. Some though have developed …

July 11, 2016

Seven deadly sins of branding

As the former vice-president of marketing for Starbucks once admitted “consumers don’t truly believe there’s a huge different between products”, which means that brands have to establish …

May 31, 2016

10 recommendations to innovate your business model

  Following on from previous posts on business model innovation (Copycats will not be successful, The Goal Post have moved and Confrontation or Similarity the following is …

April 25, 2016

Its time to put business plans in the bin – forever!

The first step in any new business venture used to be writing a business plan.  I must admit I am not a fan of the business plan.  …

April 12, 2016

How to innovate – four key stages in the innovation process

We suggest that innovation is a core process concerned with renewing what the organisation offers (its products and / or its services) and the ways in which …

March 30, 2016

7 variations on the innovation theme

7 variations on the innovation theme Innovation takes place in a number of different ways.  The common misconception is that innovation is simply involved in developing new …

February 15, 2016

4 reasons to hire Incrementa’s consultants

As a business owner why should you seek the advice of independent consultants?  Usually there are several barriers to doing so, time, money, trust.  These barriers are …

February 15, 2016

5 characteristics which affect innovation success

5 characteristics which affect innovation success People often ask me how can we increase our chances of our new product or service succeeding.  How can we be …

June 5, 2015

Is your business set for innovation?

A checklist of organisational characteristics that support creativity and innovation Even if you have put together a really hot team of creative people, that team will produce …

June 5, 2015

The 5 Myths about Creativity in Business

The 5 Myths about Creativity in Business The smarter you are, the more creative you are: Research suggests that there is no correlation between intelligence and creativity …

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