Business Help and Advice for small businesses who want to GROW

We come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problem for small businesses.  Everyone is simply just guessing.  Some small business owners, founders and directors are unaware of what new products or services to introduce or how to get an advantage over their competitors. They may have ideas but don’t know how to implement them.  They don’t know where their target customers are, how to reach them or even what price to charge when they do reach them.  They simply do not know where to find help. Throughout history, business owners, founders and directors have all sort advice for their problems to help them make more informed decisions.

We are here to provide this help and support.  We have a significant track record in delivering small business growth services to pre start and growing businesses. The team at Incrementa have helped to start over 1000 new businesses and have assisted over 250 existing businesses from a variety of sectors to grow and develop.

Why use Incrementa?

We have experienced many of your struggles, your challenges, your problems ourselves.  The challenges of finding new customers, the problems of customer retention, seeking money for growth and the confusion of targeting the public sector – to name just a few.

We understand things from your perspective and this provides us with a unique ability to help you and your business grow.As a small business owner why should you seek the help and advice of an independent consultant?

  • Provision of information

Information is valuable to a small business.  Information on customers, its products, the market it operates within and its competitors are just some of the areas of information that is vital for a business.  Our consultants can provide you with a service providing and analysing this information often saving time and money for the small business.

  • Provision of specialist expertise

Some important areas of management that our clients have benefitted from are:

  • Developing proposals for financial support, either in the format of grants, loans or equity finance
  • New product or service development
  • Promotional campaign development
  • Marketing strategy development
  • Small business strategy; its development, evaluation and planning
  • Provision of a new perspective
Owners and Managers, particularly in small businesses, can suffer from clouded or biased views and this can affect their decision making.  Incrememta’s consultants provide a fresh mind to an issue, a thought or opportunity.  We can offer support in helping individuals to change the norm and become more innovative.
  • Provision of support for gaining a critical resource

A small business must attract various resources in order to survive and grow.  These resources could include:

  • Finance from external sources such as investors or public sector grants
  • People with particular skills, knowledge or connections
  • Specialist equipment, materials or services

Our consultants have provided businesses with valuable support in obtaining these resources.  Key tasks involve identifying who can supply these resources, for example, identifying public sector grant opportunities how they might be contacted and the issues involved in obtaining them.

From one-to-one advice to commercial training have a look at the services we can provide to help grow your small business.


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