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A Critical Friend for your small business

Running and growing a small business can be a lonely and difficult job to do. There are often few people to seek advice and guidance from. Friends can provide support however this support is often biased and may not challenge you enough.

A critical friend can be defined as a trusted person who asks provocative questions to the small business owner, provides data to be examined through another lens, and offers critiques of a person’s work as a friend. A critical friend takes the time to fully understand the small business and the small business owner in the context of the work presented and the outcomes that the person or group is working toward. The friend is an advocate for the success of that work.

The Critical Friend role isn’t necessarily to provide the answers for your small business, it is much more about providing valuable, honest and confidential viewpoints.

A Critical Friend can help you and your small business to:

  • Air ideas & clear their mind to think through issues
  • Generate more ideas and perspectives
  • Avoid ‘group think’
  • Make better decisions
  • Keep focused
  • Draw up action plans and stick to them
  • Achieve Goals
  • Review progress
  • Access other networks and outside knowledge/support

Support is offered in a unique package
– Monthly half day meeting with an agenda set by you
– Unlimited support via email and phone
– Monthly newsletter providing opportunities, advice and guidance and useful tips

For further details about what our Critical Friend service can add to your small business please download our Critical Friend Guide.

To see examples of how we have delivered our Critical Friend service to small businesses like yours please click here

We have assisted small businesses from all across the Midlands (Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire) and London.  Contact us to see how we can help your small business grow and develop.


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