Coaching is arguably the most powerful method for developing an individual’s capacity for leadership.  Leadership coaching is uniquely placed to draw out the individual qualities of managers and to help them to connect their talents productively to the achievement of the goals of the business.  This goal could be to strengthen interpersonal skills, build team effectiveness, enhance influence and impact or help managers and senior leaders adapt quickly to a new role.

Our experience has taught us that the most important elements of one-to-one business mentoring are trust and communication.  We ensure that we build trust through open and honest communication before any initial one-to-one mentoring session.  It’s important to get to know the participant, deliver on promises and communicate openly and honestly.

Incrementa has broad experience working both strategically and hands-on to support SME leaders.

In our experience, SME leaders need hands-on, practical support to:

  • Develop Managerial Effectiveness – the challenge of developing the relevant skills, such as time-management, prioritization, strategic thinking, decision-making and getting up to speed with the job – to be more effective at work.
  • Inspire Others – the challenge of inspiring or motivating others to ensure they are satisfied with their jobs and working smarter.
  • Develop Employees – the challenge of developing others, including mentoring and coaching.
  • Lead a Team – the challenge of team-building, team development and team management. Specific challenges include how to instil pride in a team or support the team, how to lead a big team and what to do when taking over a new team.
  • Guide Change – the challenge of managing, mobilizing, understanding and leading change. Guiding change includes knowing how to mitigate consequences, overcome resistance to change and deal with employees’ reactions to change.
  • Manage Internal Stakeholders and Politics – the challenge of managing relationships, politics and image. This challenge includes gaining managerial support and managing up and getting buy-in from other departments, groups or individuals.

Our programme of leadership development is designed and delivered to overcome such barriers and will be delivered by business experts familiar with working in such environments. We have found that use of accessible yet aspirational language and real life, relevant examples are the most powerful ways to overcome these obstacles. Our programme follows the LASER approach:

  • Learning
  • Assessing
  • Story-making
  • Enabling
  • Reframing