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About us

Incrementa – Latin for growth – are a team of coaches that have all experienced the challenges of starting and scaling a business ourselves.  We can empathise with your struggles, your challenges, your problems.  We have all been through them ourselves.  We understand things from your perspective and have a vast amount of experience, which provides us with a unique ability to help you and your business launch, scale and reach new heights.

The team at Incrementa have helped to start over 1000 new businesses and helped over 550 scale-up business from a variety of sectors to grow and develop.  We support the business itself or take a specific approach to develop the leadership of the organisation.

We have a variety of proven tools and techniques that are tailored directly to your needs either from the holistic perspective of a start-up or scale-up or specifically aimed at supporting you and your leadership team.

We are a team of coaches who all share 4 key values:

  1. The client’s needs come first. We focus on what works for you and what provides results.
  2. We understand the leadership requirements to start and scale a business.
  3. We have direct first-hand experience as leaders of start-ups and scale ups and can see things from your perspective.
  4. We use proven tools and techniques to help you start and scale your business and grow as a leader or leadership team.

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