leadership essentials

January 11, 2021

Eight important traits of a high performing team

The end product of really successful leadership is a high performing team and its possibly one of the hardest elements to get right for most first …

September 11, 2020

Help – We need to move faster and focus

Charlotte is an ambitious founder and first-time leader of a scale up in the engineering / technology sector and has spent a couple of years developing …

August 5, 2020

What gets measured, gets done!

We work with lots of leaders in scale ups, many of whom have challenges with measuring the performance of their R&D teams. Traditional performance measurement activities …

June 10, 2020

Developing your next leaders – 7 key steps

As a leader one of your important responsibilities is to developing individuals in your organisation.  One key area of development, especially as the business grows and …

June 3, 2020

Getting stuff done!

Four steps for leaders looking for progress from their teams. The subjects of our leadership sessions can be simply grouped into two areas: creating a strategy …

May 26, 2020

6 key areas of business resilience

Resilience is a real buzzword at the moment for businesses and their leaders.  A resilient business is one which can overcome problems, address challenges head on and …

January 6, 2020

The forgotten functions of an Entrepreneur

Spending years and years with entrepreneurs I have learned that the functions of a true entrepreneur are wide and varied.  Entrepreneurs continue to wear many hats …

May 17, 2019

10 common leadership mistakes to avoid

Being a good leader isn’t easy.  Whether you have climbed the ladder and become a leader or started a business and become a leader you will …

April 22, 2019

Managing your email – 10 top tips

Email can be a great tool to communicate with.  However, user beware!  Review the following questions – how bad are you at managing your email? Is …

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