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A recent Guardian article very usefully highlighted the many opportunities for small businesses to seek and access UK Government funding for development and growth.

Contrary to popular opinion there are a number of opportunities for small businesses to gain financial support for their business. These opportunities are not restricted to high growth tech companies they are open to businesses who wish to seek support to create employment, boost export, invest in green technology or seek improvement through innovation.

The difficulty though for most businesses is either finding these opportunities or responding to the often complicated application procedure. However if a business can overcome both of these hurdles the possible benefits make the process worthwhile.

Support is not necessarily just in the format of finance though. There are a number of local, regional and national schemes that can support a business employ new individuals or seek consultancy advice and guidance. De Montfort University, for example, is offering a scheme whereby small businesses can provide final year students with a fully funded placement opportunity. This both serves to support the business by providing additional graduate level resource for no extra cost and perhaps more importantly the placement can serve as a lengthy and more valuable interview. Therefore reducing the possible risk of inefficient and ineffective recruitment. It also supports the student gain important work experience in an ever increasingly competitive world of work.

Whichever way your business requires assistance to grow there is a strong possibility that there is a supported scheme out there to assist you.

To find out how Incrementa can help find and access these schemes to support your business please contact us.

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