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Part two of our series on route planning your business growth focuses on the identifying the Opportunities and Threats for your business. We do this by looking external to the business. Again there are many tools to help you to identify what these threats may be. The first and most well-known considers what’s known as...
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Running and growing a business can be comparable to travelling by car before the invention of satellite navigation systems. Route planning your journey first, knowing which roads to take to make your journey more efficient; you could decide not to seek help and travel on experience and instinct with a hope that nothing has changed and you...
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Finding the right advisor for your business Maybe you are reading this pondering how on earth you can fill the various gaps you have in your business skills. OK, you have started your business doing something that you really enjoy doing, however you now find yourself having to be the Finance Director, the Marketing Director,...
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Why Branding Matters People don’t buy products, they buy the benefits of the products; you buy a camera to capture memories and not just take pictures. People use brands as a one way of realising a benefit – just think of any of the coolest brands. They all work on the subconscious or conscious belief...
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A recent Guardian article very usefully highlighted the many opportunities for small businesses to seek and access UK Government funding for development and growth. Contrary to popular opinion there are a number of opportunities for small businesses to gain financial support for their business. These opportunities are not restricted to high growth tech companies they...
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The Decision to use a Consultant – what a consultant can do for your business As a business owner why should you seek the advice of an independent advisor? Usually there are several barriers to doing so, time, money, trust. These barriers are not insignificant, especially for a small business, so why make the commitment?...
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