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business improvement
Some small companies are great at executing innovation.  They are speed boats who can develop and execute innovation and therefore change direction quickly. Some though have developed bad habits that can easily kill new growth initiatives inside your company. Bad Habit: The current business model dominates the agenda In most companies the future suffers at...
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In my work as an advisor and consultant over the years one of the biggest areas of neglect for businesses has been consideration of cost efficiencies. Their focus has been on traditional elements of business development, generating interest and making sales.  Cost efficiencies, however, can be equally beneficial to and organisation. Customers can benefit from...
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Operations management in service businesses is primarily concerned with the “how” of the organisation – in other words how the service product can be produced and delivered to specification and in such a way as to achieve the organisation’s objectives.  It is also important to have a clear understanding of the “what”, i.e. the nature of...
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Bottleneck management, or the theory of constraints, is well understood in the manufacturing context, however in all of my years working with service businesses it is also highly relevant to process improvement. It is important for service businesses, particularly those small businesses who are balancing growth with cost saving. In these instances the workflow does...
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