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idea generation
The first step in any new business venture used to be writing a business plan.  I must admit I am not a fan of the business plan.  There are better, more customer focused, tools out there to plan your idea with.  Business plans are great execution documents in a known environment with sufficient certainty.  In...
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Why Innovation Matters Innovation matters not only at the level of the individual enterprise but also increasingly as the well spring for national economic growth. An Australian government website states that “Companies that do not invest in innovation put their future in doubt. Their business is unlikely to prosper, and they are unlikely to be...
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Innovative new ideas have many sources. Some originate in a flash of inspiration. Others are accidental. Thomas Edison famously said that “invention is ninety nine percent perspiration and one percent inspiration”. So where do new ideas come from? How can we get inspired to seek new products, services or processes? Below is just a brief list...
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Part two of our series on route planning your business growth focuses on the identifying the Opportunities and Threats for your business. We do this by looking external to the business. Again there are many tools to help you to identify what these threats may be. The first and most well-known considers what’s known as...
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