Fast-growing company sees ‘significant improvement to customer feedback’

A company that was struggling to cope with its rapid growth has said improving its client-facing operations made a ‘significant improvement’ to its customer feedback.

The specialist recruitment business within the oil and gas sector was struggling to service the level of existing business it had, while still trying to grow in international locations.

Identifying there was a problem, the company went to Incrementa as it wanted to understand where efficiencies and improvements could be made among its operations.

Stuart Hartley, Managing Director of Incrementa, said: “Accelerated growth can be just as dangerous as no growth at all. It’s crucial that a business – whatever size – sets the right pace.

“This client had already become hugely successful within its specialised industry, but because of that, demand was high and they weren’t quite ready for it.

“Some of the steps we took involved reviewing the company’s profitability of each client, which very quickly led to increased revenue. We also improved the operational efficiency of its client administration.”

The client said: “Incrementa provided critical focused support on the operational efficiencies of our business. They have provided in-depth support to help us review the effectiveness and overall profitability of each of our clients and at the same time reviewed the process flow of the client facing operations, which led to significantly improved customer feedback.

“We were pleased with the outcomes, particularly as the support we received helped boost our annual turnover by £1m, with no additional costs.”

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