Incrementa helps client boost annual turnover by £2m

One of the country’s leading brokers for commercial utilities has achieved an extra £2m turnover in just 12 months after working with Incrementa.

Since its inception the company has grown fast, but, because business had escalated so quickly, productivity and effectiveness was not as efficient as it should have been.

This was leading to a significant amount of product returns and a high turnover of staff, which meant more time and money was having to be set aside for attracting, recruiting and training new employees.

Stuart Hartley, Managing Director of Incrementa, said: “Every new business owner wants to achieve one goal – rapid growth. However, if the correct systems and infrastructures are not in place, all of a sudden it can start to spiral out of control.

“My job is to ensure that when a company has seen exponential growth it continues to reap the benefits, rather than struggling to meet demand.

“In this case, the client came to me just at the right time. Having reviewed the processes the company had in place, it was clear to me they needed a complete overhaul of their operational procedures. This eventually led to their returns falling from 80 per cent to just 20 per cent.”

Incrementa also worked closely with staff, helping to resolve recruitment and employment issues, which improved morale and retained important members of the team.

The client said: “Incrementa provided focused support to enable us to improve the operational efficiencies of the organisation. At the same time, Stuart and his team have played a critical role in supporting our strategic decision and helping us to focus the growth of our business for the next few years.”

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