Why use Incrementa?

Incrementa Consulting specialises in working with start-ups and scale-up businesses. We design and deliver in house training, workshops and coaching in two main areas.

Firstly, we work to support the business itself in tackling the main problems start-ups and scale-ups experience, strategy and business planning, marketing and client acquisition, innovation, new product / service development and value design.

Secondly, we support the first-time leaders of the business to address the problems of leading for the first time – communication, culture, strategy, team and performance management.

Whether it be the business or the leader we support on we excel at helping you to identify and solve your biggest problems helping you to achieve the growth you require both personally or as an organisation.

We have a significant track record in delivering start-up and scale-up services.

Our team have helped to start over 2500 new businesses and have assisted over 250 scale-ups from a variety of sectors to grow and develop.

We are all experienced at working with start-ups and scale-ups in the support of leadership development, business growth and innovation.

We have experienced many of your struggles, your challenges, your problems ourselves. We understand things from your perspective and have a vast amount of experience, which provides us with a unique ability to help you and your business grow.

Why seek help?

As a start-up or scale-up leader why should you seek the help and advice of an independent coach?

Provision of specialist expertise

We can help you manage areas of your business you may not have the expertise in. Incrementa has provided specialist support to its clients in the following ways:
• Leadership and team development
• New product or service development and innovation
• Promotional campaign development
• Marketing strategy development
• Start-up and scale-up strategy; its development, evaluation and planning

Provision of a new perspective
Incrementa’s coaches provide a fresh mind and outside view on opportunities or issues, which can sometimes be clouded or biased. This support gives your business a new approach to solutions and helps you become more innovative.

From one-to-one coaching and support to training have a look at the services we can provide to help grow you or your start-up or scale-up business.

If you can’t see the service you are looking for please email enquiries@incrementa.co.uk or call 0116 2793652 to discuss your requirements further.