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Scale-up leadership growth

We work with first time founders of scale up organisations on the three cornerstones of leadership.




Designed from 15+ years of experience of working with the first-time founders of scale-ups our programme of coaching and support utilises tried and tested tools and techniques to deliver the results that you and your investors will want.

Our programme explores the themes of:

Leaders who have participated in our leadership activities have:

• A clear career plan and seek development opportunities to achieve it

Achieved or exceed work objectives

• Feel happier and more motivated

• Increased staff performance levels

• Increased overall productivity

• Increased how people feel valued within the organisation

Not sure whether you need leadership coaching? Take our leadership assessment. See how you score against the three cornerstones of leadership and receive your personalised report that scores your leadership skills and abilities across the 3 core areas and 9 sub-categories. All data is benchmarked against first time leaders of scale-up businesses like you, so you can see how you compare against your peers.

Case Study

Leadership Development


Case Study

Leadership Development

Duvas Technology

Case Study

Leadership Development


Case Study

Leadership Development

Void Technologies


  • I engaged Incrementa as an executive coach to help develop my leadership and strategy skills specifically in my role as CEO of a high growth tech business. It was an excellent way consolidating my experience and providing time and space to reflect and discuss the many challenges this demanding role presents. Highly recommended

    Ben Adeline
    CEO, Insphere
  • I had the pleasure to have Incrementa provide me coaching.  Their wide range of experience and insights in all aspects of building and running an organisation helped me to look at things in a new way. The coach was great at teasing out the core of the problem and guiding the thought process. They effectively empowered me to come up with solutions myself and to develop myself to solve future issues on my own.

    Peter Schrammel
    CTO and Co-Founder, Diffblue
  • I worked with Incrementa for around 6 months to help me develop as a leader and keep up with the demands of a rapidly growing start-up. The sessions provided a valuable opportunity for self-reflection and regaining perspective – the perfect antidote to ‘being busy’. The coach was a smart and experienced business coach and I gained a lot from our discussions. I would recommend working with Incrementa to any scale-up leader aiming to grow their skills and their business.

    Tom Fleming
    CEO, Arctoris
  • I really enjoyed coaching sessions with my coach. My coach worked with me tirelessly to set the right goals for the coaching sessions and helped me a lot during a particularly tough time. She always came up with these light bulb moments and made me see things from a completely different perspective and more importantly made me realise why it was important to do so.

    I have since become a fan of coaching. I would recommend it to all entrepreneurs. A coach can perform the function of a compass and radiate the warmth of a friend on what can be an arduous journey especially if you are an entrepreneur.

    Co Founder, Accelerated Dynamics

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