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Training on demand

Finding the right training for your organisation can be difficult.  Training timetables can be rigid.  The sessions are either on line or away from the office.  Incrementa can provide bespoke training for you, your staff and your business on all areas of commercial skills and awareness at a time and venue to suit your needs.

Some of our typical topics are:

  • Commercial awareness:
    • Understand and can describe why the business trades, and what the investment from trading is used for. However, it’s not about chasing any business that comes along it’s about being smart and identifying business which generates a profit.
    • Understand what a brand is and why is having a brand important.  Understand what the business’ brand stands for
    • Describe how services who may not be trading can still be ‘commercial’ (e.g. keeping costs down, actively managing contracts, continuous improvement and innovation, seeing how we can do things differently or better)
    • Think of ideas, which fit with the business’ strategy and brand, for trading (and understand how to progress ideas)
  • Customer awareness
    • Describe the motivation of different customers and how motivation can change in relation to different services
    • Understand and use some tools to manage customer expectations
    • Draw a customer journey map
    • Identify points within the customer journey which act as ‘barriers’ to the customer
    • Describe the impact of the barriers to the customers decision as to whether to buy services
    • Use concrete examples and case studies in terms of how to apply each of these points will be used in the training
  • Customer Engagement
    • The roles and responsibilities in customer engagement and retention
    • “What good looks like” in relation to the business’ brand and commercial strategy
    • Tools for building good customer relationships and the place of empathy in customer relationships, including managing customer expectations
    • Digital awareness – how digital and other channels are used within the business to engage with customers
  • Market Awareness
    • Use tools and techniques to scope whether a traded product (current / proposed) will be secure or is a good investment
    • Awareness of how to stay ahead of the market
    • Understanding market segmentation and use techniques to segment the market appropriately for the industry / service
    • Gather intelligence on customers – to identify trading opportunities or change current products
    • Gather intelligence on competitor placement in the market, how they compare to the business, and how easy / impact of customers switching
  • Product Development
    • Understand the fundamentals of product development and why it is important
    • Understand and describe the 4 P’s in developing products for market
    • Understand the internal process used by the business for taking new products to market, and have a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the service, and support
  • Consultancy Skills
    • Describe and use tools and techniques for situation appraisal and positioning with internal and external clients
    • Use presentation and ‘pitching’ skills to present to current / potential clients, both for new business and reporting back on current work
    • Use tools, tactics and techniques for an initial / ‘pitching’ meeting
    • Use techniques to contract and commission effectively and manage client relationships
    • Use diagnostic tools to collect data, overcome barriers or problems, work with clients and partners to identify solutions
    • Tools and techniques for influencing current / potential customers and clients

If you cannot find a topic that you are interested in above then please contact us.  We are more than happy to discuss your exact requirements with you.

We have assisted clients from all across the Midlands (Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire) and London.

Contact us now to see how we can help your business grow and develop.


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