5 myths of entrepreneurship blown apart.

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Some Myths about Entrepreneurship:

Over the years, a few myths about entrepreneurship have developed. These are as under:

  1. Entrepreneurs, like leaders, are born, not made:

The fact does not hold true for the simple reason that entrepreneurship is a discipline comprising of models, processes and case studies.  One can learn about entrepreneurship by studying the discipline.

  • Entrepreneurs are academic and socially misfits:

Bill Gates was a school drop-out.  As was Michael Dell and Steve Jobs.  Therefore, this description does not apply to everyone. Education makes an entrepreneur a true entrepreneur.

  • To be an entrepreneur, one needs money only:

Finance is the life-blood of an enterprise to survive and grow. But for a good idea whose time has come, money is not a problem.

  • To be an entrepreneur, a great idea is the only ingredient:

A good or great idea shall remain an idea unless there is proper combination of all the resources including management.

  • One wants to be an entrepreneur as having no boss is great fun:

It is not only the boss who is demanding; even an entrepreneur faces demanding vendors, investors, bankers and above all customers.  Someone once said to me that starting a business after having a boss was like moving from having one boss to having 50 bosses – with each customer being your boss.

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