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When running a business, there will always be areas in which you are lacking management know-how and experience. It’s important that you recognise your own strengths and weaknesses and are prepared to seek appropriate advice when you need it. Running a business isn’t easy. You cannot be equally good at all aspects of business, and it’s best...
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Appropriating the benefits from innovation Some of the factors that enable a firm to benefit commercially from its own technological lead can be strongly shaped by its management: for example, the provision of complementary assets to exploit the lead. Other factors can be influenced only slightly by the firm’s management and depend much more on...
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Why Innovation Matters Innovation matters not only at the level of the individual enterprise but also increasingly as the well spring for national economic growth. An Australian government website states that “Companies that do not invest in innovation put their future in doubt. Their business is unlikely to prosper, and they are unlikely to be...
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