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January 25, 2021
Creating a supportive environment The final aspect of high performing teams is the enablement of experience sharing, learning and prevention of problems before they happen.  Research shows that a high organisation is up to 70% more valuable that a low performing organisation.  This indicates how important the creation of a high performing team can be....
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Effective Communication Communication skills are essential in leading, managing and working with others.  There are an essential in creating a high performing team.  For a long time, ineffective communication has been one of the top concerns for a successful business leader. It is important to know how to communicate? What are the effective communication skills?...
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Increasing alignment and accountability Alignment and accountability address the critical challenge of getting and keeping everyone in the team, and indeed the organisation, are moving towards the same goal, at the same pace.  I have previously made the comparison of rowing a boat.  Imagine your organisation is in a rowing boat race, your goal is...
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Running Effective Meetings Organisations need teams that are engaged, productive and know what they’re working towards. How can leaders to get the best out of their people? As we previously highlighted the ability to run effective and efficient meetings, of all types, is one of the four important pillars in high performance amongst teams. Ask yourself:...
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Let’s just set the scene.  You’ve started a business.  That business is doing rather well.  You continue to grow your sales and revenue.  You are continuing to grow your staff numbers.  One concern though, is that you haven’t really managed teams before, let alone in a fast-paced scale up business that you are now running....
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