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The benefits of a leadership coach

I recently had a chat with one of our long-term clients about coaching and the reasons they decided to enter into coaching and they have so far received from it.  What they said was….. “The...
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Creating High Performing Teams – Part 5

Creating a supportive environment The final aspect of high performing teams is the enablement of experience sharing, learning and prevention of problems before they happen.  Research shows that a high organisation is up to 70%...
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Creating High Performing Teams – Part 4

Effective Communication Communication skills are essential in leading, managing and working with others.  There are an essential in creating a high performing team.  For a long time, ineffective communication has been one of the top...
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Creating High Performing Teams – Part 3

Increasing alignment and accountability Alignment and accountability address the critical challenge of getting and keeping everyone in the team, and indeed the organisation, are moving towards the same goal, at the same pace.  I have...
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Creating High Performing Teams – Part 2

Running Effective Meetings Organisations need teams that are engaged, productive and know what they’re working towards. How can leaders to get the best out of their people? As we previously highlighted the ability to run effective...
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Creating High Performing teams – Part 1

Let’s just set the scene.  You’ve started a business.  That business is doing rather well.  You continue to grow your sales and revenue.  You are continuing to grow your staff numbers.  One concern though, is...
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Seven steps towards becoming a strategic leader

Let’s be a strategic leader Leadership can be a daunting prospect for first-time leaders.  Strategic leadership even more so.  Many of the first-time leaders that I have had the pleasure of working with have been...
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Eight important traits of a high performing team

The end product of really successful leadership is a high performing team and its possibly one of the hardest elements to get right for most first time leaders.  Most first time leaders haven’t had experience...
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What will leadership look like in a new lockdown in a New Year?

Four key roles for every leader in 2021. Let’s start by stating the obvious.  For many business leaders and owners 2020 was not an easy year. Leadership in a lockdown is hard. The pandemic has...
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